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a screen on the back of a car seat head rest

Move over Bluetooth and rear view cameras! New technology is on the way. Each year, there are new innovations dreamed up and included into new cars. This year, it's automatic braking and side cameras. Next year, it appears to be flying cars (maybe), driverless cars, and more. The inclusion of cameras for everything seems to be a big trend these days (as long as you don't mind being watched). However, other safety features could help turn this new technology into profitable money for top car companies.


computer simulations of a human headIf you're a serious gamer born before Generation Z, you might remember a day when the animation was cheesy, games were often single-player, and you played in the privacy of your home rather through the interaction of the Internet. You have seen the evolution of gaming consoles, from the Nintendo 64 to the Kinect. However, are you aware of the upcoming advances in gaming features? Virtual reality, multitasking, and eye control are some of the things that gamers have to look forward to in the next few years.


a smartphone with holographic projections around itTalking to friends on the home phone seems old-school now compared to the numerous ways you can keep in touch—texting, social media, and video chats to name a few. However, the features on your smartphones and tablets seem to keep getting better with each year. Just a few years ago, GPS and email on your phone were cool. The latest apps, better cameras, and eye tracking technology are the hottest thing in mobile devises now. Learn some of the upcoming features that could be in your next smartphone.

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